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Offshore Bank Accounts Online welcomes you…

Offshore Bank Accounts Online have the philosophy that to run a business successfully, the two most important things that you need are –

  • The right amount of capital
  • And an astute sense of channelizing this capital

Hence, some of the most powerful businessmen prefer to have Swiss bank accounts, other offshore bank accounts, and Offshore Company Formations, so that they can not only have tax advantage, but also create a propitious environment for international diversification. See our range of offshore assets.

With the banking sector and related services opening up to the world of internet, it has become much easier to make different kinds of transactions and operations right from your home. This includes offshore investments and tax payment also. With the help of our services, now you can have your own offshore bank accounts, no matter from which country you operate your business, and also take advantage of legal tax avoidance.

The primary reason why most judicious business owners prefer to create offshore bank accounts is to get tax benefits. With currency controls and government regulations getting tighter in many countries, it gets tougher to save the much valued capital that forms the lifeline of any profit making entity. Therefore, smart tax consultants advise channelizing of some capital or profits to tax haven countries.

On the other hand, offshore bank accounts expand the scope for you to enter the international markets with confidence. Having some of your capital outside the country, which you operate in, also enables you to deal with mishaps such as freezing of assets or confiscation by the government of your country.

The end of 2012 saw Starbucks, Google, Amazon and a few other global brands getting accused by British lawmakers for immoral tax avoidance and exploitation of tax laws in order to move profits earned in Britain to offshore areas to reduce the British tax amount. Therefore, it is important that a business owner uses only smart, proven and safe solutions for offshore capital movement.

When you avail the services of offshorebankaccountsonline.com, you get

  • a range of off-the-shelf services that gives you maximum advantages, maintaining complete safety and legality at the same time
  • advantages of online transactions, so you can save money and time and avoid use of any middleman to deal with us
  • IRS audit help
  • completely legal services with strict account secrecy
  • flexibility in all transactions and capital movement
  • state-of-art software that works with greatest discretion

Along with offshore bank accounts, we also offer security and privacy services, which you can use to protect your property, your assets and your money from unsavory family fights over ownership, so that you can pass it on, as it is, to the next of kin. Even directors can use our products, like ‘Nominee directors and shareholders’, to maintain control of their companies in the event of the death of a partner or other such incidents.