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Nominee directors and shareholders

Along with our UK and Offshore Bank Accounts services and Offshore Company Formation, we also provide Nominee Directors And Shareholders services, where we provide you with a Nominee Director or a Nominee Shareholder, and Nominee Service Agreement in order to help you protect your position and control over your company, especially in the event of the absence of one of the directors or shareholders.

At Offshore Bank Accounts Online, we provide you a range of off-the-shelf financial products that help you to not only channelize your capital safely and effectively, but also protect your money, your standing and your command in your company. Our financial products and services provide you tax avoidance benefits and help you and your assets grow. One of our much sought after services are ‘Nominee Directors and Nominee Shareholders’.

The nominee director that we will provide you will be a person or a body corporate that will assume the role of a director in your company and will sign specific documents such as basic incorporation documents of an offshore company, board resolutions, bank accounts opening forms, invoices etc. The offshore nominee director will not have any other function or responsibilities.

Similarly, an offshore nominee shareholder will also be a person or a body corporate that will hold the shares, debentures or any other securities on behalf of you or the real owners or investors. This will be advantageous to the people mentioned in the associated documents and not to the nominee shareholder, who is holding the shares on behalf of someone else.

Having an offshore nominee shareholder or an offshore nominee director is absolutely legal and safe when done with the right offshore tax advisors. They will help you to protect the rights and authority of the true heirs to your position, money and property. At the same time, they will ensure full confidentiality in order to maintain your privacy from unwanted curiosity. The identity of the beneficial owner is known only to your tax advisors and not announced at the Registered Office or in public record at the company’s Registry.

Other than ‘Nominee Directors and Nominee Shareholders’, the tax consultants at Offshore Bank Accounts Online can help you with other important financial services to protect your capital. We believe that no two individuals have the same financial requirements. Therefore, our tax advisors customize the services provided to each of our clients. From consulting on various ways of offshore investments, tips to reduce tax payment to opening of Swiss Bank accounts or other offshore bank accounts, IRS audit help, offshore company formation and trusts, we do it all.

We are very familiar with all the government rules and laws of the tax haven countries, which empowers us to give you the best offshore assets management solutions. By using our services, you will be able to secure your money from stringent government rules of your land, currency control regulations, turbulent political or financial circumstances, and also from unpleasant fights and forced ownership in the family.

To know more about how to design an adept plan for safeguarding your money, your possessions and your role in a company, you can consult our panel of astute tax advisors for detailed discussions. Or you can simply download our brochure – “Get your free advice pack on saving tax” – for free to be better informed.