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Seychelles Offshore Company Formation



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Why is an offshore company formation in the Seychelles easy to do?

Many consider incorporating a Seychelles offshore company much more advantageous than a firm that is operating and incorporated within the same jurisdiction. Registering offshore companies in these jurisdictions as Seychelles, businesses have a chance to obtain special licenses that let them to carry out their business activities worldwide. Simplified the registration rules for offshore company formation and other tax heavens and number of other benefits make it possible to realize Seychelles business strategies in the most efficient way. A classic tax haven is a destination where certain taxes are accessed at a low rate. Example Seychelles tax for an offshore company formation in the Seychelles is zero. This stimulates wealthy companies or individuals to establish themselves in regions that would otherwise be overlooked. An offshore company is allowed when the Seychelles Company incorporated doesn’t conduct adequate business in the country. This type of global business firm is known as a non-resident firm.

Our core offshore company formation in the Seychelles involves formation, administration, registration of offshore companies, trusts, private foundations, offshore bank accounts and hedge funds; bust, as a full solutions focused offshore company service provider, we offer many complementary services with other offshore companies in order to provide an overall turnkey service for our customers. These include offshore companies providing offshore payment transactions services, offshore debit, payroll services, or credit cards and much more.

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Must Seychelles offshore companies are incorporated to take benefit of these following features:

An offshore company formation in the Seychelles may bring a lot of benefits to companies or individuals incorporated under the country offshore laws.

Simplicity: Except for operated businesses, like banks or other financial institutions, a Seychelles company formation offshore is relatively easy to maintain and set up.
Taxation: Business can be structured so that benefits are realized in manners that minimize their total tax liability.
Asset protection: This is possible to organize transactions and assets in such a manner that funds are shielded from forthcoming liabilities.
Reporting: The level of detail needed by the offshore company registration varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
Thin capitalization: Seychelles offshore company allows “thin capitalization” rules for its International Business corporation companies (except for regulated business such as insurance companies and banks).
Anonymity: By carrying out assets or transactions in the name of an offshore private company, the name of the main principal may be kept out of authorized documentation. Documentation for offshore company formation in the Seychelles is comparatively uncomplicated.
Financial assistance: Seychelles offshore company are basically not prohibited from giving “financial assistance” for the advantage, of their own assets and shares, which avoids the requirements for “whitewash” process in certain financial transactions.

Please advise us if you have any questions, or want to proceed with a Seychelles limited company registration.