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British Virgin Islands Company Formation



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Product Description
Confidentiality is also essential to any businesses that want to protect proprietary and financial information from customers, competitors, the government, suppliers, prospective buyers or potential litigants. Such financial and proprietary information may be the principal asset of business. The advantages of choosing an offshore company by a corporation or an individual have been to limit minimize taxation, liability, and to sustain business interests confidential. There are various ways a beneficial business owner attempts to achieve the goal of secrecy through an offshore Incorporation. British Virgin Islands is one of the most respected offshore financial hubs in the world. BVI is greatly considered as a benchmark that the other British Virgin Islands tax havens strive to emulate. BVI offshore jurisdictions attempt to assure confidentiality of finance in two ways. One, most of the havens has enacted offshore bank secrecy laws that forbid disclosure of offshore bank account records to either the government or private parties. The second – British Virgin Islands offshore havens try to preserve confidentiality of finance is by enacting jurisdiction laws that prohibit the disclosure of financial transactions and information even by offshore court order.
Our services include British Virgin Islands company formation and administration of such British Virgin Islands companies and subsequent management, including services of the Registered Agent, Registered Office, company management services and third-party directorship, secretarial services and virtual office, bank account introductions, corporate searches and custody of documents, business documentation preparation and general administration. Our customers are private businessmen and professional intermediaries such as financial advisors, tax consultants, lawyers and accountants. Our customer base is absolutely international, reflecting on the worldwide recognition and popularity of British Virgin Islands as a British Virgin Islands tax haven.
Key benefits and features include:

Zero Tax: British Virgin Islands Incorporations are not liable to pay tax on company profits locally and dividends can be addressed into and out of British Virgin Islands tax free.
Nominees Appraisable: Professional Directors and nominee shareholders are appraisable in the British Virgin Islands and the nominee can also be another BVI Offshore Company.
Privacy: There’s no public register of shareholders, directors, or business owners in the British Virgin Islands.
Prestige: The British Virgin Islands is a highly regarded product name within the global Financial Services community.

Other BVI Incorporation features include:

Account choices – With the limelight of the British Virgin Islands as a amenable well regulated British Virgin Islands offshore accounts can be opened simply in most major centers
Minimal Paperwork – There’s no need to have accounts audited or to file annual returns for British Virgin Islands IBCs and no business or financial records need be kept at the BVI Company’s registered office
Flexibility – Only one Shareholder and Director is needed and meetings can be held anywhere in the Globe
Migratable – The British Virgin Islands recognizes that the market expects an International Business Corporation to be able to shift location easily and quickly and have enshrined this appropriate in legislation
Language Choices – A British Virgin Islands Incorporation can be registered in any language

This price is for first year BVI Company Formation.

Please advise us if you have any questions, or want to proceed with UK limited company registration.