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Belize Offshore Formation



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For those who are looking for offshore tax haven, Belize is one of the most prominent locations. Located on Central America’s east coast, this independent nation offers a host of financial advantages for corporation, entrepreneurs, and private investors alike.

Belize started venturing into offshore business in 1990 upon the introduction of the International Business Companies Act. The law allowed zero taxation on international business companies, which resulted to low costs on incorporation. For this reason, offshore services offered in Belize have transformed over the years.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best possible Belize offshore formation services. Whether you are an existing client or you are considering to avail the tax benefits of offshore companies, we can provide you with comprehensive and full range offshore services. We will make sure that no one offers a better service than what we give you. We do not limit ourselves to preparation and management of offshore companies. We make sure that we are with you in every step of the way. We work directly with you, answer your queries before, during, and after incorporation. We are involved in registration of offshore companies, offshore bank accounts, trusts, private foundations, and hedge funds. But the difference is that we do everything with our customers in mind.

Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors that define the success of an endeavor and we make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with what we are offering. We offer complementary products and services as well like offshore payment transaction services, payroll services, offshore debit, credit cards, and many others. These, we believe, will provide you not just with what you need but what you could possibly want in the future.

Currently, those who want to get incorporated under Belize laws have the benefit of tax-free liability. Moreover, the laws of Belize make sure that every transaction of the customer is cost-efficient, like for instance, the fees for registration are always updated to make sure that they remain competitive alongside other offshore jurisdictions. The laws also do not require any minimum capital investment, audited accounts, or annual returns. Local directors or secretaries are not even required. All these make the costs of having Belize offshore company very minimal.

The process of Belize offshore formation will only take you a few minutes to accomplish, with the modernized facilities and tools that we can provide you. Most importantly, we guarantee the confidentiality of each and every transaction that you will make. We make sure that no unauthorized information will be seen by anybody.

If you are unsure of the specific requirements or you have further queries about offshore formation of companies in Belize, contact us today for guidance. We have a team of experts that are professionally trained to provide solutions to your queries ad problems. We offer one day incorporation services so if your documents are complete, by the end of the day, your Belize offshore company is already incorporated and ready for operation. What we offer include certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, share certificate, and appointment of the first direction and/or resolution of the director.