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Is an Offshore Bank Account Right for you?

Offshore banking allows a person to maintain a bank account in a place outside of the country he or she is residing in. People usually choose a place to maintain an offshore bank account in a place where its government imposes low tax rates.

Aside from managing finances, one of the primary goals of an offshore bank is to aid a business in its success. An offshore bank recognizes the significance of having the right amount of capital infusion in a business. At the same time, it knows that a strategic channeling of capital is an effective way for a business to succeed.

Do you have a business? Are you interested to get an offshore bank account for your business? Or, are you an expatriate? Do you need a link between your banking needs in your home country and in the country where you are presently residing in? Here are some questions to ask yourself to assess whether an offshore bank account is right for you:

  1. 1. Do you need help in managing your finances?

Unless you are a lawyer, paralegal, or accountant, you are like the rest of the population who find it difficult to understand legal jargons, more so legal jargons on taxation. But as a businessman, you know very well how important it is to know the tax laws applicable to your business in managing your finances effectively. So if you feel that you are not too confident on how to manage your finances, you may want to consider the professional service of an offshore bank to help and guide you. 

  1. 2. Do you feel pressured by the currency controls of your government?

Today, many governments all over the world have imposed stricter control over the assets of their citizens and residents. It was meant to be a response to possible threats of international terrorism, as well as a means to curb money laundering. An offshore bank account will allow you to place part of your assets outside your country. Of course, it is not because you want to hide illegally acquired assets. Rather, it’s because having an offshore bank account is a business strategy to ensure your own protection and security. In other words, opening an offshore bank account diversifies sovereign risk.  With an offshore bank account, your government will not be able to freeze your account indefinitely that will cause you or your business paralysis. 

  1. 3. Do you want better interest rates?

Interestingly, offshore interest rates are relatively higher than the rates being offered to you locally. Also, most foreign banks such as those in Switzerland, Hong Kong, United Arab of Emirates, and Singapore, have established a reputation of being stronger banks than most other countries.

  1. 4. Do you want to feel financially secured?

Offshore banking allows you to protect your money, whether for your personal or business needs. At the same time, if you are an expatriate, offshore banking provides an easy access to your finances and a convenient link for transactions from your home country to where you are presently living in.

If you answered yes, to most of the questions above, then YES, an offshore bank account is right for you.