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Foundations are wonderful offshore investments for planning and protection of estates and assets. They are very popular tools used by people who want to keep their valuables, lands and belongings safeguarded in order to ensure maximum distribution of these to the beneficiaries, next of kin or heirs to the businesses. At Offshore Bank Accounts Online, we provide you ‘Foundation’, a financial product that can help you to create offshore foundations. We also provide other personal services to move and maintain assets, like offshore bank accounts, offshore company formation, offshore trusts and trustee management, UK Formations and Nominee directors and shareholders. Contact us now to know more on each of these services and how we can help you.

You can use an offshore foundation to preserve and maintain all kinds of offshore assets including estates, properties, investments, cash, capital gains, insurance policies and other investment portfolios, bank deposits and even intellectual property and art collections.

Our offshore tax advisors often recommend the use of our ‘Foundations’ services, along with offshore bank accounts to most of our clients who are looking for an alternative solution to move and preserve their capital or opportunities for tax avoidance. Our expert team can suggest you excellent options to invest in tax haven countries where you can create a foundation asset and get maximum advantage from it without having to pay any tax on the income of your foundation and base assets.

Apart from individuals looking for wealth management solutions, foundations can be really beneficial to companies as well. It can be used to combine assets around the world into one location, protect employee investment plans like pension funds and share schemes, maintain corporate control or create charitable institutions by the company.

When you go for our services, we help you in setting up the whole thing for you as well as manage it according to your wishes. And everything would take place online, so that you don’t have to run from pillar to post for anything. We give you centralized reporting to maintain your convenience.

Apart from foundation, you can consult our panel of tax consultants for other services also, such as offshore bank accounts, IRS audit help, wealth management and asset protection etc. If you are planning to open a Swiss bank account, why not talk to us first. Our team will give you the best asset management solutions which will incorporate a mix and match of services that will minimize your tax payment and maximize your money.