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Offshore Bank Accounts Online have the philosophy that to run a business successfully, the tow most important things that you need are -

  • The right amount of capital
  • And an astute sense of channelizing this capital

Hene, some of the most powerful businessmen prefer to have swiss bank accounts, other offshore bank accounts, and Offshore Company Formations, so that they can not only have tax advantage, but also create a propitious environment for international diversification.

Learn more about our wide range of offshore assets and discover how you can improve your wealth management. As always we are glad you stopped by and look forward to hearing from you.

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John Kirsch,


The world is awaiting for your offshore bank account


What do you need to set up your offshore Bank Account Online?

  • A certified copy of your Passport by an accountant, solicitor or bank manager
  • Original or certified utility bill or bank statement within three months (not a mobile phone bill)
  • Set of apostilled documents and / or CV (for non EU companies for Rietumu Bank Only) **

*For other banks, additional requirements might apply

**Please note the cost of this will vary dependent on the jurisdiction of incorporation

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Understanding the complexities of tax laws, company structures, and offshore bank accounts can be a real challenge. That is why it is so important to accesssorize yourself with a team of the best professionals that you can find.

For over 20 years we have been helping people just like you get ahead and make sure that their earnings work for them in the most efficient manner. Of course we do all of this 100% legally and in a fashion that makes it easy for you to benefit and adapt as laws, regulations, best practices, and your business needs change over time.

If you are looking for a true partnership for offshore financial success in bank accounts, both personal and corporate, offshore company formations, offshore trust formations, offshore foundation formations, and REAL nominees and board appointments than take advantage of our FREE - telephone consultation with an International Tax Professional.

banklist strap
Bank Name Bank Location Rating Price Personal Visit Initial Deposit Minimum Balance Online Banking Debit / Credit Cards Time Required Currencies Buy Now!
ABC Banking Corporation Mauritius £400 Not Required None None Yes Yes 3 to 5 days All Major
Barclays Bank Mauritius Mauritius £1000 Not Required £5,000 £5,000 Yes Not at this time 10 to 15 business days All Major
Belize Bank Group Belize £450 Not Required US$1,000 US$1,000 Yes Yes 10 to 15 business days All Major
BMI Offshore Bank Seychelles £550 Not Required US$5,000 US$5,000 Yes Yes 7 to 10 business days All Major
Caledonian Bank Cayman Islands £650 Not Required None None Yes MasterCard Debit cards only 3 to 5 business days All Major
FBME Bank Cyprus £450 Not Required None None Yes Yes 7 to 10 business days All Major
HSBC Honk Kong £1250 Required HKD10,000 (US $1,250) Yes - varies Yes Yes 1 business day All Major
Rietumu Bank Lativa £450 Required €250 None Yes Yes 7 to 10 business days All Major